Florida Immigration Project

In the Spring of 2018 I took a documentary film class with photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Candace Barbot. I was able to follow different people and activists in Florida whose lives are influenced by immigration. The video is split into four parts. For this video I interviewed Eduardo Badal, a DREAMer from Venezuela who immigrated to Miami with his family when he was four years old. I spoke to volunteers who visit the ICE headquarters in Miramar, Florida, and provide food and water for undocumented immigrants who have to report monthly to ICE. Lastly, I attended a protest against Greyhound in Fort Lauderdale for allowing Border Patrol agents  to question passengers  inside their buses. This was a months long that was spread out over the course of the entire Spring 2018 semester.

Creating Art from a Hurricane

Hérmes Castro immigrated from Cuba in 1994, through a boat he constructed himself. Now, he makes sculptures from sticks, palm leaves, stems, and debri left over from Hurricane Irma.

Hérmes Castro, creates hurricane art. from Maria Esquinca on Vimeo.

News Package

Shortly after President Donald Trump got elected, members of PUENTE a human rights organization based in Phoenix, organized a rally to respond to Trump’s immigration threats.

News Package- Immigrant Groups in Phoenix Respond to Trump from Maria Esquinca on Vimeo.

Danza Azteca

Members of Danza Azteca say why danza is important to their indigenous identity.

Danza Azteca from Maria Esquinca on Vimeo.

Trump Supporters on Birthright Citezenship

Trump supporters on birthright citizenship from Maria Esquinca on Vimeo.

“Ballroom Is Community”

“Ballroom is Community” from New York Times Student Institute on Vimeo. People from the LGBTQUIA community keep ballroom competitions alive in New York, a culture that was born in Harlem.

El Pasoans against anti-immigration

More than 300 El Pasoans march to protest a slew of anti-immigration bills filled in the Texas legislature.

 Chad Halcom on the copyright conondrum

Chad Halcom, reporter for Crain’s Detroit Business talks Intellectual property law and the copyright conundrum.


Eureka Index: Most Innovative Companies

Automotive suppliers and life sciences companies led the pack in this year’s Eureka Index, Crain’s annual focus on innovative companies.