Creative Writing


“We Made a Kingdom From Trash” published in the Fall 2018 issue of the Florida Review

Three poems in Issue XIX — Fall 2019  of Waxwing: A Scientist Videotapes Two Dead Pigs in the Sonoran Desert to Find How Long Their Bodies Take to Decompose, Unbiblical, and Bronchitis 

“The US-Mexico Border Replaces Itself” in Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“El Sapo” winner of the 2018 Alfred Boas Poetry Prize, selected by Victoria Chang

“Mexican Millenials” in Scalawag Magazine for the Latinx series

“Pocha Poem” & “No sé: Para mi mamá” in The Acentos Review

God Burns the W Silver Recycling Plant After Border Patrol Abuses Immigrants” on Cotton Xenomorph

Untitled, Apendix V, The Wall & Frontera Quiz” in Berkeley Poetry Review.

I Ask God for Mercy” in Borderlands Texas Poetry Review.

The Hispanic Invasion of Texas” in Michigan Quarterly Review.

Los Jóvenes Seguiremos Teniendo la Luna al Alcance de Nuestras Manos” in Cherry Tree.

Book Reviews

A review of José Olivarez’s Citizen Illegal in Sinking City magazine

A review of Go Ahead in the Rain:Notes on A Tribe Called Quest by Hanif Abdurraquib in Adroit Journal

A review of Itzá by Rios De La Luz in Anomaly

A review of How to Pull Apart the Earth by Karla Cordero in Anomaly


Q&A with Salvadoran-American poet, Alexandra Lytton Regalado author of Matria for Sinking City magazine

Q&A with Natalie Scenters-Zapico on her latest book LIMA :: LIMÓN for Adroit Journal

Q&A with Rios De La Luz on Itzá for Anomaly

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